Lips Turn Blue Licenses Video To Raise Funds For Ukrainian Refugees

By Steve McLean 4/24/22 |

Upstate New York rock band Lips Turn Blue has released a video for its song “Pray For Tomorrow” that speaks to the war in Ukraine and other tragic situations in the world, and will grant limited time usage licenses for it to organizations raising funds for Ukrainian refugees.

“If this video can help bring awareness to the plight of the Ukrainian people and raise money for them that is the least we can do as artists,” Lips Turn Blue bassist Mike Mullane said in a media release.

“’Pray For Tomorrow’ is a song we have had for a while now and was written when conflicts around the world started becoming a main focus in the news; then the pandemic hit, and recently the focus has been on the war in the Ukraine,” Lips Turn Blue guitarist Don Mancuso said in the release. “When it came time to do the video, we decided to that situation could be addressed in a powerful way using this song.”

Lips Turn Blue’s self-titled debut album will be released by MIG Music on May 4. “Pray For Tomorrow” is the second video to be released from the album and was written and recorded with the band’s late vocalist, Phil Naro, who passed away from cancer in May 2021.

“We were working on the song when things in the world started going awry and Phil’s own health concerns allowed a song like this to give him comfort,” said Lips Turn Blue keyboardist Eric Bieber, who recently retired as a physician and hospital executive administrator.

In addition to Mancuso, Mullane and Bieber, Lips Turn Blue also includes drummer Roy Stein and the newest member, singer/ instrumentalist Iggy Marino.

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