Pepsi Refresh Project Asks 20 Canadian Musicians To Each Pick A Charity

By Karen Bliss 4/13/10 |

Pepsi Refresh
The Pepsi Refresh Project’s Canadian program is launching this weekend at the JUNO Award celebrations in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and will give 20 Canadian musicians $2,500 each for the Canadian charity or foundation of their choice. The grants will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Scheduled through their reps, the artists are asked to drop by The Pepsi Refresh Café in the Satellite Spoke Club at S Restaurant. Pepsi has teamed up with Toronto’s Spoke Club to recreate a Newfoundland afternoon kitchen party and provide a laidback atmosphere where artists can hang in this exclusive lounge. There, the artists will be asked to speak on-camera about their ideas on how to “refresh the world,” and the Canadian charity they support and why. They must also invite fellow Canadians to do the same, the next phase of this corporate social responsibility ad initiative.

A video montage will be created of all the artists and the charities they named. It will be featured online and through social media and PR channels. “This video, with your call-to-action, will help us to create awareness for the Pepsi Refresh Project and inspire Canadians, thereby getting them excited about their chance to get engaged, make a difference in their communities and help Refresh Canada,” reads the letter that went out to the artists and members of the Canadian music industry.

To thank the artists for participating, Pepsi will give each artist a $2,500 grant.  “As this program is for Canadians and about Canadian ideas, we ask that all grants provided go to charities/foundations that support Canadian initiatives,” it stipulates. “Just provide us with the name and contact information for your preferred charity or foundation; we will send them a check on your behalf and then send you a confirmation.”

Artists who will not be at the JUNO Awards or who are unable to go to The Pepsi Refresh Café while in St. John’s can still get involved with the campaign throughout the year, as Pepsi adds more such charitable opportunities.

In 2010, Pepsi is granting more than $1 million to Canadians, individuals and organizations, with ideas to drive social good, be they to support dance studios, medical clinics, school programs and parks, whatever the idea. The artist video will help spread the word.

The Pepsi Refresh Project is an evolution of the Refresh Everything ( initiative Pepsi launched in America in 2009, which positioned the brand as a catalyst for idea creation. To support those who generate innovative, optimistic ideas, the Project will award more than $20 million in 2010 to move communities forward.  American residents can apply for grants to benefit a variety of projects and site visitors can vote for the best ideas for funding. Pepsi will fund projects that make a difference in six categories: health, arts & culture, food & shelter, the planet, neighborhoods and education.

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