Drake Donates $30,000 To Build Computer Schools In Jamaica

By Karen Bliss 4/27/10 | www.samaritanmag.com

Drake is already doing good things with the money that has come his way since becoming one of the fastest rising hip hop artists in the music world by helping out the poverty-stricken Cassava Piece community in Kingston, Jamaica.

“It’s where one of my favourite reggae artists, Mavado, and one of my closest friends is from,” Drake explains.

Drake was in Cassava Piece to shoot the video for his song “Find Your Love.”

“I was so inspired,” Drake tells Samaritanmag. “I went there and they had ‘Drake’ all over the walls, spray painted, and all the kids were running after us. So I donated $30,000 to build computer schools for the kids. I’m very passionate about Jamaica as a place. I love Jamaica so I just want to try and better the community.”

Down the road, the 23-year-old (real name Aubrey Drake Graham) who grew up in the affluent Forest Hill neighbourhood of Toronto, would like to start his own foundation, but all in good time. He’s mindful of the causes he gets behind and wants to do things for the right reasons.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world and, for me, the biggest thing, like doing the Haiti song [‘Wavin’ Flag’] was great,” Drake says referring to the Young Artists For Haiti collective of 57 Canadian artists who covered K’naan’s song for charity.

“But I only did it because, when K’naan asked me to do it, I felt it in his voice, in his eyes, that he really needed me to do it. Otherwise, I didn’t want to get involved with anything to do with Haiti because I never want to make it feel like it’s press, you know?  I don’t want to go searching for the look.

“So that’s why Jamaica is something that I’m very passionate about because someone that I care about is there, and, yeah, the more causes I find that I can connect to, I’d love to be a part of.”

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