Jeff Burrows’ Drum Marathon To Help Cancer Patients

By Steve McLean 5/6/10 |

Crash Karma drummer Jeff Burrows will get a major workout behind his kit next week when he stages his fourth annual drum-a-thon to raise money for a Windsor, Ontario organization called Transition To Betterness.

T2B, as it is known to many in the southern Ontario community, refurbishes hospital rooms so they’re more comfortable for cancer patients and their family members and friends who visit them.

“There’s always a need for cancer research and so on, but this is something that is done right in front of your face,” Burrows tells Samaritanmag. “It receives no government funding, but it’s a very good grassroots organization.”

In addition to being a drummer, Burrows is also the mid-day host at Blackburn Radio Inc. stations CKUE 95.1 and 100.7 The Rock. He does double duty on the sales side for the drum-a-thon, as companies can purchase an hour-long sponsorship block of the event from him in exchange for radio advertising time.

Jeff Burrows doing his thing
The past three drum-a-thons have raised more than $30,000, and Burrows’ goal this year is more than $10,000.

The event will be held at Windsor’s The Blind Dog, beginning at 2 a.m. on Saturday May 15 and ending at the same time on Sunday May 16. A variety of bands will play throughout the marathon, but Burrows will be drumming for the entire duration. People are welcome to drop by at any time in exchange for a five-dollar donation.

“There are so many charitable entities out there asking people for money, and I’m trying to give them something value-conscious,” says the former Tea Party drummer, who recognizes that Windsor’s economy has been particularly hard hit by the recession. “Five dollars is not a lot of money compared to what I’m offering.”

Long & McQuade is donating musical equipment for the drum-a-thon, and M&M Meat Shops is giving food to be sold at a barbecue that’s part of the event. Raffle draws will be held to raise more money and, for those who’d like to help but can’t make it in person, online donations are being accepted at

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