PATTI SMITH, "People Have The Power," 1988

By Karen Bliss 2/18/21 |

Patti Smith and her late husband Fred “Sonic” Smith’s 80s single from her album Dream of Life (and found on Land 1975 - 2002) has been used as an anthem and motivator in so many social justice issues and little guy proclamations. “And the people have the power to redeem the work of fools,” she sings. Smith has said they wrote the song to inspire others, reflecting back on their youth in the 60s, a time of signifant protest.    “We were trying to write a song that would reintroduce that kind of energy,” she told NME, adding that Fred “wanted it to be a song that people sang all over the world to inspire them for different causes. And he didn't live to see that happen, but I have.” Buy it hereKaren Bliss