SESAME STREET, "Washy Wash Song | How To Wash Your Hands," 2020

By Aaron Brophy 3/30/20 |

One of the most basic tools in combating the current coronavirus pandemic is the simple act of frequent, thorough hand washing. To help support this potentially life-saving habit, the children's entertainers at Sesame Street have just released "Washy Wash Song | How To Wash Your Hands," a short video jingle designed to encourage effective hand washing. In the animated clip Sesame Street star Elmo shows off some best hand washing practices while listeners are encouraged to sing along to lines like "move your hands and fingers in the places in-between, using soap and water makes your hands so clean." The song, which was released on YouTube on March 30, received almost 60,000 views in its first hours online. — Aaron Brophy